Greenverz Solutions Private Limited is registered in Bangalore and is involved in carbon fixing and tree plantation. Greenverz is developing technologies to make the world carbon neutral. In this regard, the website has been made with the url of https://greenverz.com which is made and maintained by Greenverz. We strive to provide all the users who come to this website with content that is correct and error free. All the content has been developed by the Greenverz team. There can also be contractors, consultants, industry source who have contributed to the content. Greenverz has exclusive right on all the contents that are present in the website. We can modify the content or add new content as per the decisions taken by the company and senior management. No prior information shall be given to the users who come to check the website.

The content presented on the website has been written by people who have been hired. Any use of the content by anyone is the sole responsibility of the person who uses it. Greenverz shall not be liable for any issues that arise from the use of the content or any purposes. There can be spelling mistakes, errors, etc in the content. In case someone points it out to us, we shall get it checked from the experts. Use of the content and incurring any issues is responsibility of the user.

The website, technology etc that is developed by Greenverz is owned by Grenverz. Copying or selling the same in some other name shall cause legal action to the people who do it. If someone wants to use the same, they can write to us and we shall respond with the action.

The logo and naming style of Greenverz is a property of greenverz.They have been designed by Greenverz. Publishing the logo or naming style without our consent is a punishable offense and legal action shall be taken on those who use the name or logo without Greenverz’s approval.

There can be links to other websites which can be government, private, organization, NGOs etc. Any user coming to the site and clicking on the links has to do it purely on their own risk. Greenverz does not control the content, payment mode or any other thing on external links. We do not take any responsibility for what happens on the other website.

There are many images that are present and a lot of content on trees, plants, grass, animals, birds etc on Grenverz website. Any person can visit and see the same. If you want to use any content of Greenverz for any purposes, kindly write to us. We shall check and respond. Unapproved use of the photos, content, sharing links of any content, using it in some other website etc is not permitted by law and shall cause legal action to be taken.

The trees that are planted by Greenverz are through the partners. Greenverz has many partners across the country and they are present in different geographies. Based on the need and the work that they are doing, trees are planted in different villages, cities, towns etc. There can be a delay in planting of the trees as trees are not planted on a daily basis. They are planted by making a proper plan and doing boundary of the area where they need to be planted. One should expect that after the money is paid, the tree will be definitely planted in the next batch of the trees.

Trees once planted cannot be taken out of the ground and they shall remain at the same place and grow.

Greenverz Solutions Private Limited is a Land Restoration and tree plantation company which is involved in tree plantations in rural area as well as urban areas and cities. The tree orders that are placed by the customers are planted and details shared of the location where the trees have been planted. The locations can be anywhere in the country depending on the availability of sites and trees. We do not sell any physical product like tree saplings, leaves, fruits, bulbs, flowers, soil, roots, branches etc. All orders of the trees are planted and no tree saplings orders can be physically sent to any person or entity under any circumstances whatsoever. We advice the customer to understand that we have a different business model where no physical products like tree saplings can be sent or shipped to anyone. 

The orders that are placed are only for tree plantation and not for any physical shipment to anyone.

Greenverz takes utmost care for making sure that the seedlings are healthy, NGO partners are good and all dealings are transparent. We make sure that all the things are in place for a good plantation and trees to fix carbon in the next 25 years. Good experts in the agro forestry area are hired for the same.

After the tree plantation, regular visits are made by the teams to collect data and see the health of the seedlings. There can be natural causes beyond the control of Greenverz that can cause mortality. Like fire, floods, extreme heat, animals etc. As there is no control on these factors, Greenverz or the NGO partners do not control them, no responsibility on the mortality of seedling due to natural factors can be put on Greenverz.

Once the tree has been planted, the person / institution who has paid the money for the same has no right on the tree, parts, fallen parts, fallen tree, fruits, flowers, etc. The tree belongs to the person on whose land it has been planted. It can be an individual or the government. No one can claim any rights on the tree after any number of years that might have passed by. They are being planted to fix carbon and make the world a better place.

One can go and visit the plantation and projects where the tree has been planted. The person needs to arrange for the visit by themselves. Greenverz provides the address or can inform the farmer / partner who has done the tree plantation to help you get to the location.

The money that is paid is transferred to the partners 

The trees are planted in a project. It can be in high mountains or in the deserts. Once the tree has been planted, it becomes a part of the project. The timely reports that come shall be of the project and not individual trees. As a project in a particular land area, there will be carbon that has been fixed. The report shall talk about that and how it has impacted the overall soil, animal and birds populations. There is no individual report on the trees paid to be planted by a person that will be generated.

Greenverz, through its partners, takes care of the plantations for a limited number of years. Once the trees are self-sustainable, they are allowed to grow under natural circumstances. The reports shall be sent only for those years.

There can be a delay in the planting of tree saplings due to various reasons like weather, roads, availability of saplings, local elections, law and order etc. Greenverz does not have any control on these factors and tries its level best to get the plantation as soon as possible. Greenverz cannot be held responsible for any delays in the plantations that happen. There can be delays of as long as 6 months due to these factors.

All the technology, reports, web and mobile apps etc that Greenverz is developing is IP of Greenverz. Using it or without approval from greenverz, hacking in, logging in etc is strictly prohibited under the law.

Anyone who does can be punished under the various sections of law. Greenverz also licenses technology like weather sms, weather updates etc from various companies in the world. Sometimes they might not work due to many reasons. Greenverz can only try and get the issues sorted by contacting those vendors. Under these circumstances, if there is an outage in any part of the app, Greenverz cannot be held responsible for the same. Any loss happening due to unavailability of services that Greenverz takes from other sources cannot be put on Greenverz.

Refund and cancellation 

Cancellation : The orders once placed start getting processed. Once processed, the saplings are planted and once the saplings are planted, they cannot be taken out of ground. The cancellation of the orders can take place if the cancellation is done before the saplings are planted. Greenverz gives the customers time of 24 hours to cancel the orders. Orders cancelled after 24 hours might not be allowed. 

Refund : In case the cancellation happens of the order, entire amount will be refunded to the customer with 10 working days. In case the order cannot be fulfilled by Greenverz, entire amount shall be refunded back to the customer with 10 working days. 

Shipping Policy 

We do not sell any tree saplings or any physical product through our website. All the orders are planted in areas where we have sites and locations shared with the customers. There is no shipping of any product that happens.

If there is any suggestion, kindly write email to [email protected]