This website has been designed by and operated by Greenverz Solutions Private Limited. There are many visitors who come on the site for a variety of purposes. It can be seeking information about carbon fixing, projects, work that we are doing or any other. The visitors can login by creating accounts or can simply browse. Greenverz does not force anyone to create an account to go through the website. When someone comes to the website with or without logging in, certain information might be shared by them in order to make purchases, seek information or drop us emails regarding any projects, jobs, career etc. Greenverz understands that the information that is being provided by the visitors is to be protected and not used or sold for any unlawful purpose.

In this regard this privacy policy has been drafted to safeguard the interests of the visitors. The terms and conditions of the policy can be changed according to any new law enacted by Parliament or any new IT rule that is passed in the country.

Data of the customers

When someone creates an account with Greenverz, certain information is collected like name, address, email id, phone number etc. This information is needed in order to know who our customers are and in case of buying products we shall know how and from where the orders are coming in. Generic information like city, state, pincodes are also asked for and stored. All the information that is asked for is not used for any purposes other than understanding our business. There can be logins from different cities, pincodes etc and as a business we need to identify and focus on these macro level parameters. The information obtained is only mined at a macro level and not individual level. We do not contact any person, customer or otherwise unless they specifically ask us to or drop us an email for any queries.
All the data of the customers is safe as there is a password that the customer sets when he / she creates an account. We do not have any access to the password. That can be created and reset by only the account holders. In case someone wants to deactivate their accounts, they can drop email to us. We shall disable the account.
Greenverz does not sell or trade any information of the account holders with any party. There is security at physical level and encrypted passwords for accessing the data bases. It has also been restricted to only a few individuals in the company.

The data of the visitors who do not create an account / login and come and see the websites for a variety of purposes is not asked to be captured. They can visit the website and browse at ease. In case a visitor writes us emails for any purpose, that data is stored so that we can contact the person back by email , phone number, fax number. This is only done as the person has written to us or called us for anything specific. Even under these circumstances, the data is not shared with anyone and the company keeps it for business development and contacting the person back.

Use of cookies by Greenverz

A cookie is a small program that sits in the computer. A cookie is not harmful but allows us to see and check how our visitors are coming and seeking our website. It helps to identify which pages are being checked and how much time the person is spending on which page. As can be understood, these are needed for any business to understand and give a better service to the customers or group of customers.
We might use cookies to gather some non personal information of the visitor to improve our site and make it better.
In case a visitor does not want cookies to collect any information, they can disable the same from their browser.

External links to other websites

Greenverz website is built for information and academic purposes as well. Due to our association with many organizations and government departments, there might be content that has external links to other websites. Greenverz does not own any of the external links and they have been provided only for the purpose of information. The user is free to go on any external link and click. Greenverz does not own any responsibility for the content of other websites, payment links, information etc. The user is fully liable for any external links that he / she clicks on the website. We do not hold any control on them and any personal information that is given or any money transaction that happens on other websites

Data security

The data is always secure and Greenverz takes appropriate actions and has set up processes to stop any data theft that is collected. The data backup is also taken as per the servers where the data is kept. These are the standard procedures that are done. Any new process or law that comes shall also be complied with.

Email campaigns

The company shall send the email campaigns from time to time to help the customers decide on new introductions and offers that we give. These emails are not targeted to individuals but a general campaign for all customers. If the person does not want these offers to be seen, they can email us or stop the email by settings in the account.

Legal Disputes

In case there is any legal dispute regarding anything, all disputes are subjected to courts of Karnataka state only.