Impact Assessment

Any project needs to have a positive impact. When trees are planted, they have a unique effect on the environment. Carbon fixing is one such effect. Getting proper metrics for looking at the positives that have happened in any plantation project is challenging. There are issues like below which shall need quantification.

  1. Mortality of the plants. 
  2. Stunted growth of the trees. 
  3. Scattered plantation. 
  4. Amount of carbon fixed in Kgs every year. 
  5. Total amount of carbon fixed. 
  6. Weight of roots where carbon is stored. 
  7. Oxygen being released per day / per hour. 
  8. Birds that have started living on the trees. 
  9. Small animals like squirrels that have started to live in the trees. 
  10. Ants, rodents, earthworms etc that have made the space their home. 
  11. Fruit quantity that the trees give every year and consumed by monkeys and other animals. Estimation of the same. 

Other than these, the other impacts that have happened to the people need also to be measured like

  1. Economic status improvement of the farmers. 
  2. Impact on the community. 
  3. Nutrition improvement of the families who have planted trees by consuming fruits / flowers etc. 
  4. Food got for animals like goats / cows etc. 

As can be seen, a detailed analysis is needed for every project to understand the impact created. Only when we measure the impact, one can be sure of what next steps can be taken. 

Impact varies from project to project and place to place. When the trees are small, the impact is less. When the trees grow large, the impact increases. Even the amount of time taken to fix the first 10 kgs of carbon is large when the trees are small. But, as times proceed, there might be 10 kgs of carbon getting fixed every day on a plantation of trees. These numbers are crucial in the short and long term for a project. So, the metrics also change as times go by. 

Greenverz is building intelligent metrics that shall be used to calculate the impact of trees planted. These metrics can be seen by all in a project. The system and platform that will be using these metrics will be able to auto calculate carbon fixed so far, per tree, per day etc. Also, how many ant colonies have come, squirrels that have started living, bird nests etc will be counted and data captured along with images and videos. These positives in a project shall be used to build ever better projects. 

Greenverz is using analytics and creating models for understanding how well the trees can grow with various factors in different soil and climatic conditions. Sound mathematical models will help us grow more trees at a faster rate and in less time. 


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