Economic Impact of trees on people

Trees when planted have a fundamental impact on the economics of the lives of the people. It can be seen in the following ways 

  • Products that can be consumed:  Trees give fruits, flowers, gum, seeds etc.  These products can be consumed by the people which can make it a source of protein and medicine. 

  • Products that can be sold : Fruits, flowers, gum, bark, medicinal parts, leaves etc of different trees fetch value in the market. Growing them in large quantities certainly increases the income in a family. 

As can be seen, whether they are large trees or small, they are of high economic value and when planted on a large scale, helps the person increase their economic status. 

Example of Bamboo : Bamboo is a grass and is found all across the world between tropics. This grass needs very little care to grow. Once planted, it multiplies quickly and produces more shoots that come from the ground and grow fast. A single bamboo sapling can give 50 or more shoots in 5 years. A farmer who has planted 10 such shoots around his land can have more than 500 bamboo to harvest slowly and sell. At the same time, bamboo is used in a variety of products and is in great demand as per the needs of the industry. A farmer can easily sell these bamboo poles and make 50000 INR in an year. This increases his income and also motivates him to keep a guard of the bamboo clump and grow more. He shall even encourage his friends and family to grow them once he sees the results. 

Example of coconut : Coconut trees are known to all. A very versatile tree which gives coconuts, leaves, water, husk for a variety of purposes. With new breeds, the coconut trees are only a few feet tall and can give upto 300 coconuts in a year. This has happened due to cross breeding of different species and selective cropping. The coconut trees once given to the farmers to plant along the periphery of the field can start giving them 300 nuts in a year which can fetch a very good market price.They can either consume them or sell them. Either way, it adds to the income of the people. 

Agro forestry shall always remain important for all. A way for the farmers to plant trees and also protect them and nurture them to grow to get good returns is beneficial. This way, more trees are planted and protected. In turn reducing carbon and increasing sustainable living. 

Greenverz understands this as well and is developing technology and platforms to make sure that these things can be tracked from the very beginning to see the positive impact in lives of the people. A strong platform to geo tag the trees, capture data of the farmers will help in this regard. Analytics inbuilt into the system shall help in understanding the change in incomes, lifestyles, productivity etc of the farmers and villages. 

Greenverz is making an analytical platform for making agro forestry easy for all. People shall be able to become economically strong by planting trees and following technology support from Greenverz.