World Situation

Tree cover in the world varies a lot from country to country. The top 10 countries in the world with the highest tree cover as per land area contribute to 66% of the total forests in the world. On the other hand, almost 200 countries contribute 33% of the tree/forest cover in the world. As per the report of FAO ( Food and Agricultural Organization), the total forest cover in the world is around 31%. As the distribution varies, there are countries where the forest covers 90% + and there are countries where it covers less than 5% of the land area.

The situation keeps on changing year on year. The pressure on the forests has been increasing year on year and local conditions, climatic conditions, and forest fires have affected them. These covers have in themselves whole ecosystems with birds, animals, insects, microbes, etc. All are dependent on each other. Their survival is interdependent which makes the countries taking action to protect them and increase the forest cover important on a yearly basis. Even if a country is able to maintain the same forest cover year after year, it can do wonders in keeping the earth healthy.

The forests and its products are necessary for the living of a lot of tribes who depend on forests. Estimated 85 million jobs are generated from the forest, products and activities related to them. People are dependent for their daily needs, fuel, food, fruits etc on the forests across the world. Almost 800 Million people have something to get from the forests in one way or the other on a daily basis. This just shows how much forests help the people all around the world.  

WIth desertification a real challenge, the world faces less certainty in rains, food production and stable living. Conflicts for water, green pastures, food continues across. Mega projects to reverse desertification have been launched in the past with little success. More focussed approach with technology can help reverse the desertification of lots of areas. Challenges in re settling the displaced people remain and cannot happen unless sustainable living conditions come back in the places.

Greenverz sees a huge opportunity across the world to work in sync with various governments, projects, organizations etc. Technology intervention across the world to grow trees, grass, shrubs etc can help in a sustainable living for the people. This can reduce the conflicts paving the way for the populations to live in peace and harmony with nature. 

Greenverz also sees the potential of large tracts of lands that are dry or not suitable to grow crops for creating large scale carbon sink projects. Using technology, drip irrigation, fast growing tree species, vast areas can be made  green. With a billion trees growing and having fixed carbon of 2 MT in 15 years, a single large tract of land can fix carbon by 2 billion tonnes. 50 such carbon sinks in the world can control global warming and also keep the future warning in check for many years to come. 

Technology is certainly going to play a very important role across the world in this regard. Carbon fixing, maintaining the green cover, growing more trees, increasing incomes etc can all be achieved by having technology access for the people across the world. 

Greenverz as a technology company shall continue to strive for the best in this regard. 

Table showing the countries with maximum area and tree cover

Sl No Name of country Area under forests (million hectares) % of forest area of the world
1 Russia 815 20.1
2 Brazil 497 12.2
3 Canada 347 8.5
4 USA 310 7.6
5 China 220 5.4
6 Australia 134 3.3
7 Congo 126 3.1
8 Indonesia 92 2.3
9 Peru 72 1.8
10 India 72 1.8
11 Others 1375 33.9
Total 4060 100