A Comprehensive Guide to the Majestic White-throated Kingfisher


The White-throated kingfisher is a bird that is as remarkable as it is colourful. Known for its striking hues and agile flight, this bird has captivated bird lovers all over the globe. If you have ever visited a bird sanctuary or browsed through a bird image name database, the White-throated kingfisher is a species you can take advantage of. Whether it’s bird migration patterns or the intricacies of a bird nest, this article has something for everyone. So grab your bird PNG files and bird pictures because this is a must-read for any bird lover.


Serial NumberCharacteristicsDescription
1Common nameWhite-throated kingfisher
2BinomialHalcyon smyrnensis
3ColourBlue back, wings and tail, chestnut and white underparts
4Average length27-28 cm
5Average heightN/A (Vertical length not usually measured)
6Type of birdKingfisher
7Found in statesWidespread in India
8HabitatOpen country, plains, near waters
9IUCN StatusLeast Concern

Features of the Bird


When considering the bird image name, the White-throated kingfisher has an average length of 27-28 cm. A vital feature for bird migration, this length provides a harmonious balance between flight efficiency and agility. This is especially important when the bird is flying across bird sanctuaries or other areas where a quick, handy flight is necessary.


While height is not generally a well-measured feature in birds, one can extrapolate that the vertical size of the White-throated kingfisher would also be compact, helping it navigate through its habitat. This trait makes it a remarkable subject for bird photos and a favourite for bird lovers.

Running Speed

For a bird that’s more at home in the air, the White-throated kingfisher has a running speed that is generally different from the subject of popular bird images. It generally prefers to fly rather than run, which is understandable given its body structure optimized for flight rather than running. This is why you won’t usually find them focusing on flightless birds in bird shops.


The bird png files of the White-throated kingfisher showcase the bird’s vivid blue back, wings, and tail. This sets it apart from any bird sanctuary or birdlife sanctuary. Its contrasting chestnut and white underparts give it an elegant appearance, making it one of the most photogenic birds in any bird photo collection.

Habitat and Food of the Bird

  1. Distribution and Habitat: The bird is commonly found in open country areas or plains. This is also why you’d often spot them perched on trees or wires in bird sanctuaries.
  1. Climate: It has been observed at altitudes as high as 7500 ft in the Himalayas, showcasing its adaptability.
  1. Diet: It feeds on insects and small vertebrates, often hovering above water bodies before swooping down to catch its prey.
  1. Bird Shops Near Me: If you are looking for bird food, many bird shops offer specialized food for kingfishers.
  1. Bird Migration: While not a migratory bird, it has a wide range in its habitat.

Nesting and Nurturing

The White-throated kingfisher does not build nests like many other birds do. Instead, it digs tunnels in the earth where it lays its eggs, making it a unique find in any bird nest encyclopedia. These tunnels can sometimes be seen in bird sanctuaries where these birds are known to live. Male and female both of them take turns incubating their eggs, displaying a balanced and fascinating approach to parenting.


Like most other bird species, this bird faces threats primarily from habitat destruction. From birds flying through polluted areas to ingesting harmful substances, their existence is fraught with dangers. Birdlife sanctuaries and conservation programs are actively working to mitigate these threats.

IUCN Status and Conservation

The White-throated kingfisher is currently listed as ‘Least Concern’ by the IUCN. This does not mean the bird is not at risk; it simply means that, as of now, the population is stable. Conservationists and bird sanctuaries are, however, keeping a watchful eye on this species.


The White-throated kingfisher is a mesmerizing creature that delights bird lovers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you seek information on bird nests, are curious about bird migration, or enjoy viewing bird pictures, this kingfisher offers a world of fascination. So the next time you visit a bird shop near me, remember the intriguing world of the White-throated kingfisher.

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