Alocasia Triangular Leaves

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.” – Linda Solegato

The Alocasia Triangularis, also known as Elephant Ear Plant, brings a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor garden. This foliage plant, native to Southeast Asia, is renowned for its striking triangular-shaped leaves and bold green hues. It’s an easy-care plant that adds a unique architectural element to any interior garden, perfect for sprucing up your indoor spaces.

A close look at the Alocasia Triangularis reveals a lush, vibrant plant that exudes a tropical feel. Its most notable feature, the triangular leaves, are a deep green and heavily veined, providing a stunning contrast to any indoor setting. These leaves, large and dramatic, grow upwards, showcasing the plant’s unique structure and design.

The Alocasia Triangularis might not be the first choice for beginner gardeners due to its specific care requirements. Still, once these needs are met, this eye-catching plant becomes an exceptional addition to any indoor garden, creating a mini rainforest right in your home.


Common NameElephant Ear Plant, Alocasia Triangularis
Scientific NameAlocasia triangularis
OriginSoutheast Asia
Leaves ColourDeep Green
SunlightBright, indirect light
Soil TypeWell-draining, rich, peaty soil
Water RequirementsModerate, high humidity required
Maximum Height1-2 feet

The Alocasia Triangularis is a foliage plant that never fails to catch the eye, thanks to its large, uniquely shaped leaves. Despite its exotic appearance, this plant, known scientifically as Alocasia triangularis, thrives in indoor environments with the right conditions, making it a standout choice for those wanting to add an exotic touch to their indoor garden.

Plant Care

Sunlight Need

The Alocasia Triangularis thrives in bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, causing damage.

Water Need

Water your Alocasia regularly, keeping the soil slightly damp but not waterlogged. The plant also prefers a high humidity environment, so consider using a humidifier or placing the pot on a pebble tray with water.

Soil Type

Alocasia Triangularis prefers a well-draining, peaty soil. A mixture of perlite, peat moss, and compost provides an ideal environment for growth.


Repot your Alocasia Triangularis every two years or when the plant outgrows its pot. This is best done in spring to allow the plant to acclimate before the growing season.

Common Problems and Remedies


Spider mites and aphids can sometimes be a problem for Alocasia Triangularis. Regularly check the underside of the leaves and treat with an appropriate insecticide if necessary.

Leaf Yellowing

Overwatering or inadequate drainage can cause the leaves to yellow and droop. Ensure the plant is not sitting in water, and the pot has proper drainage.

Browning Leaf Tips

Dry air or a lack of humidity can lead to browning leaf tips. Increase the humidity around the plant by placing it on a pebble tray with water or using a humidifier.

Best Places for Plant Decor in Home

Home Gym

The vibrant green hues of the Alocasia Triangularis can invigorate the atmosphere of a home gym, providing a refreshing sight during workouts.

Powder Room

The exotic beauty of the Alocasia Triangularis can transform a simple powder room into a lush, tropical paradise.

Laundry Room

Even a laundry room can benefit from the addition of an Alocasia Triangularis, with its bold, striking leaves adding life and beauty to the often overlooked space.

In conclusion, the Alocasia Triangularis is an impressive plant that adds a tropical and exotic touch to any indoor space. Whether incorporated into a home gym, a powder room, or even a laundry room, this foliage plant brings an element of the exotic, transforming the feel of the space.

The allure of the Alocasia Triangularis goes beyond its stunning appearance. This plant, with its unique triangular leaves and deep green hues, carries with it a sense of the tropical, making every day feel like a vacation in your own home. 

Despite the somewhat specific care requirements, the Alocasia Triangularis is worth every bit of effort. With just a bit of attention to its needs, it will reward you with a striking display of lush, tropical beauty.

Indeed, indoor gardening with Alocasia Triangularis is more than just a hobby—it’s a journey into the fascinating world of exotic plants, a rewarding experience that brings the vibrant, lush beauty of the tropics right into your home. Enjoy the journey!

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