Peepal Tree

The Peepal tree thrives universally, holding great religious and cultural significance. Cultivating it in gardens yields a magnificent outcome—over time, it grows into a massive shade provider, capable of enveloping an entire house. Its dark green leaves boast clearly visible veins, enhancing its allure. This tree, native to India and spanning centuries of existence, can significantly reach staggering heights of up to 100 feet and spread just as wide. With its dense leaves and abundant branches, it offers sanctuary and shelter to diverse animals and birds while thriving even in full sunlight. Moreover, available in multiple varieties, featuring green, golden, and variegated leaves, it can be shaped to suit personal preferences and expertly nurtured as a bonsai. Popular for hedges and shade, it frequently graces countless landscaping areas. Thanks to its rapid growth, occasional trimming is necessary for containment purposes.

Impact in Numbers 

Carbon Fixed  3000 Kgs.

CO2 reduction from the atmosphere by 11000 Kgs.

Peepal Tree Dimensions on Maturity.

Maximum height of the tree (m) 30
Tree canopy spread (m) 30
Tree trunk diameter (inches) 100

Role of Peepal Trees in Enriching the Environment

The Peepal tree stands as a remarkable testament to longevity, with the potential to thrive for thousands of years. Notably, it achieves immense size, releasing copious amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. The tree’s colossal trunk and sprawling branches enable it to perform substantial carbon fixation, resulting in a monumental impact. Impressively, within a mere 20 years, a single tree can sequester over 4 metric tons of carbon. Furthermore, its rapid growth and the widespread dispersal of seeds by birds and animals contribute significantly to its environmental value. Therefore, embracing this exceptional tree becomes an exceptional means of supporting the environment.

Plant a Peepal Tree: About the Project 

Upon distributing the saplings to the farmers, we will equip them with essential technical knowledge to cultivate them successfully. This project is designed for long-term impact, and the farmers will receive continuous support over a period of 3 years, meanwhile, they will have the opportunity to join a collective and receive comprehensive explanations regarding the benefits they can expect by nurturing these trees. As an integral component of the set provided to farmers likewise, these trees aim to enhance their economic status.


The trees undergo geotagging, while GPS is utilized to mark the boundaries of the designated areas. Farmers’ information, along with accompanying images, is captured and recorded directly from the field via mobile apps. Yearly carbon fixation is calculated by employing expert-developed equations specific to each tree species within the app, facilitating accurate reports. Moreover, the entire process ensures complete transparency in data acquisition, storage, and analysis.

Impact assessment

The project actively measures the impact it generates on wildlife and farmers. At defined intervals, regular data capture takes place, facilitating analysis by comparing it with previous data collected on the same parameters just a few months prior. Subsequently, the observed changes are measured against the planned results, enabling a comprehensive assessment of progress and effectiveness.


The comprehensive project reports are sent to the contributors, providing valuable insights into the Plant a Peepal Tree initiative. The report encompasses the following key aspects:

  1. Current Status of Trees – an overview of their growth and overall condition.
  2. Tree Mortality – the challenges and potential areas for improvement.
  3. Carbon Sequestration – the amount of carbon fixed in metric tons (MT) since the inception of the project
  4. Economic Impact on Farmers – the economic benefits experienced by the participating farmers, showcasing how the project has positively influenced their livelihoods and economic status.
  5. Ecological Impact – emphasizing the positive changes in the local ecosystem, including improvements in biodiversity, soil health, and overall environmental well-being.

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Greenverz Solutions Private Limited is a Land Restoration and tree plantation company which is involved in tree plantations in rural area as well as urban areas and cities. The tree orders that are placed by the customers are planted and details shared of the location where the trees have been planted. The locations can be anywhere in the country depending on the availability of sites and trees. We do not sell any physical product like tree saplings, leaves, branches etc. All orders of the trees are planted and no tree saplings orders can be physically sent to any person or entity. We strive to make India greener and sustainable. 

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    Your website has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The user experience is top-notch, and the planting process is seamless. It’s amazing how a few simple clicks can contribute to a greener future.

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    I planted 5 peepul trees for greener and strong India.

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    Peepal trees fix carbon in hundreds of kgs.
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    Planting a Peepal tree with Greenverz Solutions was a significant step towards environmental preservation. Peepal trees are known for their air-purifying properties and sacred significance in Indian culture. Contributing to the growth of a Peepal tree brings a sense of spiritual connection and environmental consciousness.

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    Greenverz Solutions made planting a Mahogany tree online a breeze. The ordering process was simple, and I received updates on the tree planting promptly. The tree planting certificate made the gift special. Their use of technology for plantation showcased their commitment to precision and care. I’m glad to be a part of their carbon tracking efforts, contributing to the environment. I highly recommend Greenverz Solutions for eco-conscious celebrations.

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