Bush Clock Vine

“Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.” – Linda Solegato.

The Bush Clock Vine (Thunbergia erecta), with its stunning blue flowers and lush green leaves, is a tropical treasure that can enrich any interior space with its captivating beauty. 

Originating from West Africa, this evergreen shrub has become a beloved addition to indoor gardens worldwide due to its resilient nature and the vivid colour palette it brings to any room. It’s a testament to nature’s ability to flourish in diverse environments and to uplift our spirits with its aesthetic allure.

The Bush Clock Vine, in all its tropical splendour, is truly a sight to behold. Its vibrant, deep green leaves create a stunning backdrop for the royal blue, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom throughout the year. Each blossom, accentuated by a yellow throat, adds a unique dash of colour and vibrancy to indoor spaces. The robust, upright stems of the plant give it a bushy appearance, justifying the ‘Bush’ in its common name. 

The charm of the Bush Clock Vine lies in its versatility. It can bring a touch of the tropics to a modern apartment, add a dash of colour to a minimalist space, or blend effortlessly into a lush indoor garden. Its easy care and alluring aesthetics make it an ideal choice for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and those just beginning their indoor gardening journey.


Common NameBush Clock Vine
Scientific NameThunbergia erecta
OriginWest Africa
Leaves ColourDeep green
SunlightBright indirect light
Soil TypeWell-draining potting mix
Water RequirementsModerate
Maximum Height3-6 feet

The Bush Clock Vine is a testament to nature’s resilience and beauty. With proper care, this plant can transform any indoor space into a tropical sanctuary, offering a serene retreat from the bustling world outside.

Plant Care

Optimal Sunlight Conditions

The Bush Clock Vine thrives in bright indirect sunlight. A spot near a north or east-facing window would be ideal.

Watering Requirements

Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry out a bit between watering. Overwatering can lead to root rot.

Ideal Soil Type

A well-draining potting mix is essential to prevent waterlogging and ensure healthy growth.

Repotting Guidelines

Repotting can be done when the plant outgrows its pot, preferably during the warm months of spring or summer.

Common Problems and Remedies

Overcoming Leaf Drop and Yellowing

Leaf drop and yellowing is a common issue for Bush Clock Vine, often caused by overwatering. Overly saturated soil can lead to the plant’s distress, resulting in drooping and yellowing leaves. It’s crucial to adjust your watering schedule according to the plant’s needs, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between watering sessions to prevent root rot.

Tackling Aphids and Spider Mites

Aphids and spider mites can pose a significant threat to your Bush Clock Vine’s health. These pests feed on the plant’s sap, causing damage and discoloration to the leaves. Insecticidal soap or a homemade spray of water and mild dish soap can effectively combat these pests. Remember to regularly check the plant for signs of pests, applying treatment as needed, and covering all leaf surfaces. By doing so, you can keep your plant in peak condition, ensuring it continues to enhance your indoor space with its captivating beauty.

Best Places for Plant Decor in Home

Home Museum

Positioned near an art piece or a collection, the Bush Clock Vine can add a fresh, vibrant touch.

Waiting Room

Its calming presence can ease the waiting time, and its vivid flowers can serve as a conversation starter.

Conference Room

A Bush Clock Vine can add a sense of tranquillity and focus, making meetings more productive.

The Bush Clock Vine, with its striking blue flowers and lush foliage, can add a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor space. Its easy care makes it an excellent choice for novice gardeners, while its aesthetic appeal can captivate even the most experienced plant enthusiasts. Whether it’s adorning a home museum, brightening a waiting

 room, or bringing a sense of calm to a conference room, the Bush Clock Vine can transform any indoor space into a natural sanctuary. Embrace the joy of indoor gardening with this stunning plant and celebrate the beauty and resilience of nature every day. 

Incorporating a Bush Clock Vine into your indoor garden not only adds a touch of tropical elegance but also contributes to a healthier and more serene living environment. This plant is more than just a pretty addition to your indoor decor; it’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally, purifying the air and infusing your home with a sense of vitality and tranquillity. Its lush, evergreen foliage and vibrant, eye-catching flowers can make even the dullest corners come alive. 

In essence, the Bush Clock Vine encapsulates the magic of the tropics, bringing a piece of the vibrant wilderness into your home. As you nurture this plant, you’ll find yourself developing a deeper connection with nature, enhancing your well-being, and transforming your living space into a flourishing indoor sanctuary. With the Bush Clock Vine, indoor gardening becomes more than a hobby—it’s a journey towards a more mindful and nature-infused lifestyle.

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