Common Wolf snake 

India is home to a variety of snake species, each with their unique characteristics and importance to the ecosystem. One of the most fascinating snakes found in India is the Common Wolf Snake. This non-venomous species is widely distributed throughout the country and is known for its interesting features and beneficial role in the environment.

NameIndian Common Wolf Snake
Scientific NameLycodon aulicus
ColourLight brown to dark gray or black with light spots or bands
LengthUp to 3 feet
HabitatForests, agricultural fields, and human settlements
Food habitsLizards, frogs, small mammals, insects, and other snakes
Indian statesMaharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh
IUCN statusLeast Concern


The Common Wolf Snake, also known as Lycodon aulicus, is a small to medium-sized snake that can reach up to 3 feet in length. It has a slender body with smooth scales and a pointed snout. The color of this snake varies from light brown to dark gray or black, with a distinct pattern of light spots or bands running down its back. It has small eyes and a short tail. The Common Wolf Snake is not known for its speed, but it is an excellent climber.

Habitat and food

The Common Wolf Snake can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, agricultural fields, and human settlements. It is primarily nocturnal and feeds on a variety of prey, including lizards, frogs, small mammals, and insects. It is also known to consume other snakes, including venomous ones.

Where is it found in India

The Common Wolf Snake is widely distributed throughout India, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the southern tip of the country. It is commonly found in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh.

Importance to ecosystem

The Common Wolf Snake plays an important role in the ecosystem as a predator of small animals, including rodents, lizards, and insects. It also serves as prey for larger predators, such as birds of prey and mammals like mongoose. Additionally, the Common Wolf Snake helps to control the population of venomous snakes, which can be harmful to humans.

IUCN status

The Common Wolf Snake is classified as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, like many other snake species in India, it is threatened by habitat loss and degradation, as well as human persecution due to fear and superstition. It is important to protect and conserve this fascinating species and its habitat for the benefit of the ecosystem and future generations.

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