The Mysterious World of the Rufous Woodpecker: A Guide for Every Bird Lover


If you’re a dedicated bird lover intrigued by the diverse world of avian species, you won’t want to miss knowing about the Rufous woodpecker. Unlike just any other bird image name in a catalog, this bird offers fascinating insights into specialized foraging habits and unique adaptations. Nestled in various bird sanctuaries, the Rufous woodpecker is a striking blend of agility, beauty, and survival skills that every bird enthusiast must explore. Whether you’re keen on bird photography and filling your portfolio with captivating bird photos, or you’re someone who keeps an eye on the local bird shop near me for new arrivals, this is a bird that deserves your attention.

Have you ever been to a bird sanctuary and wished you could spot every single bird on your list? Amongst the marvels of bird migration, nesting, and intricate bird png images, the Rufous woodpecker stands out for its unique characteristics and behaviors. If you’ve always been enamored by the mystique of bird nests, and you find yourself continuously captivated by the incredible adaptability of different bird species, then the Rufous woodpecker offers a wealth of knowledge and wonder that you simply cannot ignore.

Table: Key Information about Rufous Woodpecker

Serial NumberCharacteristicsDescription
1Common nameRufous woodpecker
2BinominalMicropternus brachyurus
3ColorOverall dark brown with black-barred appearance
4LengthAbout 25 cm
5HeightVertical length of about 25 cm
6Type of BirdWoodland
7Found inDiverse regions including parts of India
8HabitatWoodlands, near ant nests
9IUCN StatusData needed

Features of the Rufous Woodpecker


The Rufous woodpecker is approximately 25 cm long. This may not seem like much when you look at bird pictures, but it is substantial for a woodpecker. The bird’s length makes it easier to forage and dwell in various types of environments.


When measured from the tip of its head to the base, standing vertically upside down, the Rufous woodpecker also has a height of about 25 cm. This is particularly interesting because it provides the bird with a unique center of gravity, beneficial for its bird nest building and foraging habits.

Running Speed

While the exact running speed of the Rufous woodpecker isn’t well-documented, its nimble body allows it to be extremely quick when moving through trees and shrubs in search of ants, its primary food source. This is an essential survival trait, as it must dodge predators while foraging.


The bird features an overall dark brown color with black-barred appearances, particularly on its wings and tail. The coloring serves as camouflage, allowing the bird to blend in with its woodland surroundings.

Habitat and Food of the Bird

  1. Bird sanctuaries: The Rufous woodpecker frequents wooded areas, making it a common sight in many bird sanctuaries.
  1. Ant Nests: Prefers feeding on ants of the genera Crematogaster and Oecophylla.
  1. Birdlife Sanctuaries: Apart from bird sanctuaries, this bird can also be found in dense woods and even scrublands.
  1. Bird Shop Near Me: While you may not find this bird in a bird shop near me, they are often sighted in the wild.
  1. Bird Nest: It typically nests in trees and prefers locations near ant nests for easy food access.

Nesting and Nurturing

The Rufous woodpecker is known for its unique nesting habits. It commonly builds its bird nest near ant nests, which serves as a primary food source. For every bird lover, observing this nesting process is a treat.


This bird faces various threats, including habitat loss and changes in bird migration patterns. However, the species remains resilient and adapts to changing environments.

IUCN Status and Conservation

Data regarding the IUCN status of the Rufous woodpecker is still needed. However, efforts are underway to study this unique bird, and conservation programs are being developed.


In the captivating world of birds, where bird lovers seek rare finds and photographers long for that perfect bird picture, the Rufous woodpecker stands as a testament to nature’s intricacies and wonders. Whether you are visiting a bird sanctuary or browsing a bird shop near me online, the Rufous woodpecker is a species that calls for your attention and respect. Its unique feeding habits, nesting intricacies, and distinct appearance aren’t just another bird image name or bird png but a living marvel that contributes to the complex ecosystem it inhabits.

If you’ve spent hours in bird sanctuaries, perused through countless bird photos, or marveled at the complexities of bird migration, this bird brings everything full circle. The Rufous woodpecker is not just another bird to tick off your list; it’s a species that beckons a deeper understanding and appreciation. As efforts to understand its current IUCN status and conservation needs continue, this bird serves as a constant reminder that the avian world still holds many secrets. For every bird lover, aspiring ornithologist, or casual birdwatcher, the Rufous woodpecker offers a fascinating glimpse into a life less ordinary in the avian world.

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