Unveiling the Mysteries of the Andaman Woodpecker: A Rare Gem of the Andaman Islands


The enchanting world of birds has captivated the imagination of bird lovers and ornithologists alike for centuries. Within this realm, the Andaman Woodpecker stands as an exquisite specimen, embodying the majesty and mystery that only the secluded Andaman Islands can offer. From its slate-grey plumage to its conservation challenges, the story of this near-threatened species is one that underscores the intricate dance between nature and human activity. This blog aims to shed light on this extraordinary bird, an epitome of biodiversity, which could easily be the crowning jewel of any bird sanctuary.


Serial NumberCharacteristicsDescription
1Common nameAndaman Woodpecker
2Binomial nameDryocopus hodgei
3ColorSlate-grey to black
4Average length38 cm
5Average height38 cm (vertical)
6Type of birdWoodpecker
7Found in statesAndaman Islands
8HabitatRain forests of lowlands
9IUCN StatusNear Threatened

Features of the Bird


The Andaman Woodpecker generally grows to an impressive length of about 38 cm. While this measurement may not make it the largest woodpecker, it certainly ensures that it stands out among its avian counterparts. For the bird lover who has seen countless species, the Andaman Woodpecker offers a sight to behold.


Contrary to the general perception, the term height here refers to the vertical length of the bird when positioned upside down. The Andaman Woodpecker has a vertical height that coincides with its length, making it a relatively medium-sized woodpecker. Its size is indeed a wonder to capture in any bird picture or bird photos.

Running Speed

Little is known about the running speed of the Andaman Woodpecker. However, woodpeckers generally are not known for their speed on the ground. They are agile climbers, using their strong feet and tail feathers to navigate the heights of trees. This natural habitat often makes them elusive subjects for bird flying photography.


The bird’s color scheme is an eye-catching mix of slate-grey to black, providing a stunning contrast to its bright red crest. This beauty often makes it a subject of interest in bird image name databases and bird png collections.

Habitat and Food of the Bird

  1. Habitat: The Andaman Woodpecker is exclusive to the lush rain forests of the Andaman Islands. Any bird sanctuary or birdlife sanctuary here would be incomplete without its presence.
  1. Diet: Their diet mainly consists of ants and other insects, making them a natural form of pest control in their habitat.
  1. Foraging: This bird often forages on large tree trunks and branches but has also been observed foraging on the ground.
  1. Elevation: They are usually found in areas that are 6-14 meters off the forest floor, making them somewhat elusive to the average bird lover or bird watcher.
  1. Human Impact: With increasing human settlement and agriculture, the natural habitat is shrinking, posing a significant threat to the species.

Nesting and Nurturing

Breeding for the Andaman Woodpecker occurs between January and March. The female usually lays two eggs in a high hole of a dead tree in the forest.Little information exists regarding the nurturing behavior of this species, but like other woodpeckers, the male likely plays a role in caring for the young. These facts could intrigue any bird nest enthusiast.


The primary threat facing the Andaman Woodpecker is habitat loss due to human activities. Deforestation for agriculture and the burgeoning human population in the Andaman Islands are pushing this bird closer to the endangered status. Any bird shop near me in the Andaman Islands would tell you how rarely these birds are spotted nowadays.

IUCN Status and Conservation

The Andaman Woodpecker is listed as ‘Near Threatened’ by the IUCN. Conservation efforts are in place but are often hindered by a lack of awareness and resources. It’s imperative for birdlife enthusiasts and conservationists to rally behind this species to ensure its survival.


The Andaman Woodpecker is a captivating species that has managed to carve a niche for itself in the vibrant birdlife of the Andaman Islands. However, its existence is under threat, necessitating immediate action. As we enjoy bird pictures and watch documentaries about bird migration, let’s not forget about the species that need our help the most. Our actions today will determine whether this magnificent creature continues to be a living treasure or becomes a mere name in a bird shop or bird image name database.

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