Unveiling the Streak-throated Woodpecker: A Bird Lover’s Gem


In the heart of the Indian subcontinent, the distant drumming of the Streak-throated Woodpecker (Picus xanthopygaeus) resonates through the trees, catching the attention of every bird lover and nature enthusiast. This remarkable bird, with an average length and height of 30 cm and a weight range of 83–111g, is a hidden gem in various bird sanctuaries and birdlife sanctuaries across India. As a bird lover, you might be captivated by the distinct drumming sound it produces or intrigued by its unique coloration featuring a medley of green feathers and a streaked throat. Even if you’re just a casual observer flipping through bird photos or bird png files, this woodpecker’s distinctive features will catch your eye. As an iconic member of the woodpecker family, the Streak-throated Woodpecker offers an unparalleled look into the diversity of bird species in India. Whether you’re an amateur ornithologist, a dedicated bird watcher, or someone interested in bird migration, this bird offers a plethora of fascinating features to explore. Dive in as we uncover the various aspects that make this woodpecker species an enigmatic and captivating subject for bird photography and study.

Table: Quick Facts

Serial NumberCharacteristicsDescription
1Common nameStreak-throated Woodpecker
2Scientific namePicus xanthopygaeus
3ColourGreen with streaked throat
4Average length30 cm
5Average height30 cm (vertical)
6Type of birdWoodpecker
7Found in India inIndian subcontinent
9IUCN StatusData needed

Features of the Bird


This woodpecker boasts a medium size, with an average length of 30 cm. With a relatively compact body, it often appears smaller in bird photos or bird png images, particularly when perched high in the trees. You may need to visit a bird shop near me to get binoculars for a closer look!


When turned upside down vertically, the Streak-throated Woodpecker also measures about 30 cm. Not commonly seen in this orientation, the bird has the agility to rotate and maneuver itself even in the most challenging of positions.

Running Speed

Although it’s difficult to measure the running speed of a bird that prefers to fly or climb, this woodpecker is agile and quick when it navigates through tree branches in search of food. It might not show up in a bird image name search for ‘fastest birds,’ but don’t underestimate its agility.


The bird showcases a splendid array of green feathers, complete with a streaked throat. Its yellowish rump and contrasting white supercilia and moustache make it a captivating subject for bird photos.

Habitat and Food of the Bird

  1. Habitat: This bird prefers the wooded areas of the Indian subcontinent.
  2. Birdlife: The birdlife sanctuary is an ideal home for them.
  3. Diet: They primarily feed on insects, making them useful for natural pest control
  4. Bird shop: Unfortunately, they are not commonly found in bird shops.
  5. Water Source: They are often spotted near water bodies within forests.

Nesting and Nurturing

This bird generally creates its bird nest by hollowing out tree trunks. The male plays a significant role in nurturing and incubating the eggs. For those who are true bird lovers, it’s a touching display of parental care in the bird world.


There is limited data on the specific threats facing the Streak-throated Woodpecker. However, like many species, they are affected by bird migration changes and habitat loss.

IUCN Status and Conservation

As of now, the IUCN status of the Streak-throated Woodpecker is not clearly defined. However, they are considered to be less common than other woodpeckers, requiring more research for an accurate IUCN status. Many bird sanctuaries and birdlife sanctuaries are conducting studies to better understand their conservation needs.


At the end of this enlightening journey exploring the Streak-throated Woodpecker, it becomes clear why this bird is beloved by bird lovers and naturalists alike. Not only does it offer a unique combination of stunning coloration and intriguing behavioral patterns, but it also holds a mirror to the rich biodiversity present in Indian bird sanctuaries and birdlife sanctuaries. Whether you’re an aspiring bird photographer hunting for the perfect bird picture, an enthusiast interested in understanding the intricacies of bird migration, or a casual visitor to a bird sanctuary, this is a species that will leave a lasting impression. The Streak-throated Woodpecker serves as a reminder of the sheer variety and complexity of the avian world. Its unique features and habits make it a must-see for anyone passionate about birds. In the grand tapestry of nature, where every species has a role to play, the Streak-throated Woodpecker stands out as a vibrant thread, enriching our understanding and appreciation of birdlife.

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