Water Lily

“A garden isn’t meant to be useful. It’s for joy.” – Rumer Godden

The water lily, a sublime aquatic plant, paints an image of tranquillity and elegance. It is admired for its floating leaves and exquisite flowers that appear to be serenely floating on the water surface, providing a captivating sight in water gardens.


Belonging to the family Nymphaeaceae, the water lily emerges as a jewel of aquatic gardening. Its lush round leaves, often called lily pads, create a canvas for the radiant flowers that bloom above the water. The aquatic flower features vibrant petals that elegantly fold inward, encapsulating the cluster of bright golden stamens inside. The beauty of a water lily lies in the contrasting palette of its radiant flowers against the green spread of its floating leaves.

Water lilies are truly a feast for the eyes when they burst into blooms, displaying a wide range of hues. They come in enticing shades of red, white, yellow, pink, and blue, each offering a unique allure. When in bloom, the water lilies impart a sense of serenity and poise that is rarely found elsewhere.


Common NameWater Lily
Scientific NameNymphaea
OriginWorldwide, especially tropical and temperate regions
Leaves ColourDeep Green
SunlightFull Sun to Partial Shade
Soil TypeLoamy, acidic soil
Water RequirementsSubmerged in water
Maximum HeightVaries by species, typically floats on water surface

The water lily, with its majestic bloom and round, floating leaves, originates from various corners of the world, predominantly from tropical and temperate regions. Thriving under full sun to partial shade, these aquatic plants need to be submerged in water, signifying their high water requirements.

Types of Water Lily

Water Lily Red

Also known as ‘Red Flare,’ this water lily species features deep red, night-blooming flowers that radiate an enchanting fragrance, adding a mystic charm to your water garden.

Water Lily White

The White Water Lily, often called the ‘Fragrant Water Lily,’ presents elegant white flowers that exude a pleasant aroma. Blooming during the day, these flowers add purity and peace to your indoor aquatic setting.

Water Lily Yellow

The Yellow Water Lily, or ‘Nymphaea Mexicana,’ sports vivacious yellow flowers that contrast beautifully against its green foliage, offering a bright pop of colour to your indoor water garden.

Water Lily Pink

The Pink Water Lily, or ‘Nymphaea Rubra,’ exhibits gorgeous pink flowers that bloom both day and night, bringing a romantic blush to your aquatic gardening space.

Water Lily Blue

Known as ‘Blue Beauty,’ the Blue Water Lily showcases splendid blue flowers that bloom during the day, infusing a serene and calming vibe into your indoor water garden.

Plant Care

Sunlight Requirements

Water lilies require at least 4-6 hours of sunlight each day for optimum growth and blooming.

Water Requirements

Being aquatic plants, water lilies need to be fully submerged in water. They prefer still water and are often found in ponds and lakes.

Soil Requirements

Water lilies thrive in loamy, acidic soil. This type of soil provides the nutrients necessary for their growth and flowering.


Water lilies need to be repotted every 2-3 years. This is typically done in the spring before the plant starts to grow actively.

Common Problems and Remedies

Algae Infestation

Algae can often become a problem for water lilies. To prevent this, limit the amount of sunlight the water gets and use an appropriate water treatment.

Yellowing Leaves

If the leaves of your water lily are turning yellow, it may be due to a lack of necessary nutrients. Consider using a water-soluble fertilizer designed for aquatic plants.


If your water lily is not flowering, it may not be getting enough sunlight. Ensure it gets at least 4-6 hours of sunlight daily.

Best Places for Plant Decor in Home

In Garden

A mini water garden featuring water lilies in your garden can make a big mark. Water lilies need water to survive and the roots go deep. So, the water Lillies need to be put in a concrete water container which is sufficiently big or a pond dug in the backyard or garden.


In the realm of indoor gardening, water lilies occupy a special place with their extraordinary charm and tranquillity. They might require a bit more attention and specific conditions to thrive, but the spectacular show they put on is absolutely worth the effort. 

Whether you are an avid indoor gardener or a novice, these aquatic beauties will surely add a unique touch to your indoor garden. Let your home echo with the serene beauty of water lilies, making it a haven of peace and tranquillity.

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