Elephants are magnificent animals. They are huge and gentle to all. They have a massive impact on the ecology and surroundings where they live and travel from. Over the years, they have been stopped in many pockets due to destruction of their habitats and they are isolated.


The project elephant corridor ains to create corridors for these gentle giants for their migration. The project works in sync with forest department, locals and villages in these routes of elephants. The areas which are used by the elephants are identified and trees planted along with small shrubs and vegetation to make sure that it remains a continuous path for the elephants. Also, educating the locals using technology on the importance of elephants is given. A total holistic approach for all is given in this project. be a part of this project by planting trees and also receive the updates on the work every quarter to see the impact.

Impact in Numbers 

Number of trees to be planted 50,000

Carbon Fixed  250 Kgs per tree.

CO2 reduction from atmosphere by 900 Kgs per tree.

Ecological impact

The trees that are being planted are selected based on the needs of the animals and birds in that area. Depending on the soil, climate temperature, the trees that are most suited are selected for the plantation. Every tree that is planted is different and it helps in maintaining the biodiversity.. Every tree helps to preserve the life of animals and birds.

  • The trees planted shall help in controlling the soil erosion.
  • The project shall be able to increase the number of trees that are less in that area.
  • Increase in the overall green cover of the country. 

Positive impact on farmers

  • Farmers get high quality saplings to plant in their lands adjacent to the forests. Fruit trees, Timber trees, Medicinal plants.
  • Increase in the farmer income by 10% over a 10 year period of time.
  • Better economic conditions of the farmers help in getting education for the children, nutrition for the family.

About the project

The project is an ongoing project to help achieve increased greenery in India. Carbon Fixing of 0.25 MT per person is the goal. Under this project, sites are identified and farmer groups contacted for planting trees on their lands close to the forest areas. High quality of seedling of fruit trees, timber trees, medicinal plants, forest trees are identified and they are then planted on the lands of the farmers. The farmers are explained on how to raise them, best practices for the same and benefits that they shall be getting in the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. A periodic visit of the experts is done for the same so that they can monitor the progress and also guide the farmers. The current condition of the farmers and forest cover is recorded and stored on e platforms. This is updated every time of the visit so that the improvement can be noted and measured. The project keeps on identifying new sites and farmer groups so that the benefit can be spread to all.


The trees are geotagged. The area boundary is marked using GPS. Farmer details along with the images. All the data is captured and stored through mobile apps directly from the field. Carbon fixing that is happening yearly is calculated by using the equations developed by the experts for different species in app and reports. Total transparency is maintained in getting the data, storing the data and analysing the data.

Impact assessment

The impact that is being created by the project for wildlife and farmers is measured. All data is captured in regular intervals and the same is analysed by comparing with the previous data on the same parameters calculated a few months ago. The change is measured against the planned results.


The project reports are prepared and sent to the contributors. The report covers the following

1) Trees status as on the last visit made

2) Any mortality in the trees planted

3) Carbon fixed in MT from the start of the project

4) Quantity of fruits that are being produced by the planted trees

5) Economic impact on the farmers.

6) Ecological impact created.

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    Simple and effective way to help all plant trees online.

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    Found it very useful to plant trees online.
    All very smooth process.

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    Works very smoothly.

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    I have planted many trees using Greenverz. The experience is good.

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    Gave tree plantation as a gift to my friends. All loved it. The whole website is smooth functioning.

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    I have planted trees using the app. All functions well.

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    They are even looking at the biodiversity of India and how we can help by planting trees online.

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    To protect our wildlife, we need to plant trees. Greenverz provides easy interface for doing the same.

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    I believe that the people behind Greenverz are doing extreme good to make sure that world survives.
    So I planted tres for various causes and in states.
    I had no issues in getting them planted and located.
    Thanks Greenverz.

  10. Gaurav Maheswari

    I love the elephants. So, planted trees for this project.

    Details on the location and help to the elephants was shared.

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    I somehow like the elephants and wanted to help them roam free. So, planted 25 trees in Elephant corridor project.

    All details were shared to me along with the certificate.

    The whole process is made very smooth and simple.

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    Saving the biodiversity is important. So, I planted trees in this project as well.

    The whole experience was very simple and fast. No issues were faced.

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    I have planted over 100 trees for different projects and occasions. I never faced any issues using Greenverz.

    The way in which they are working and planting trees is a lesson for all to do much more to give back to the society.

  14. Barun Shastry

    Your website stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness. The entire process, from choosing a tree to receiving updates on its growth, is well-organized and user-friendly. I appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to making a real impact.

  15. Tanmay Prakash

    Elephants are majestic gentle giants.

    I planted 5 trees in the project to help elephants roam free and with ease.

    All the process was simple.

  16. Alexander

    I came across this site while browsing and went off planting many trees in many project.

    The whole website is made for educational and tree plantation.

    Its very good and effective.

    Planted 10 trees for elephant corridor.

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    Elephants are majestic and face a threat of extinction.
    I planted 10 trees for elephant corridor.
    I got all the details immediately. This is very simple and effective way to plant trees and help biodiversity.

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    I love elephants. So, planted trees in the elephant corridor project. I am happy to help the biodiversity of India survive through my contributions.

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    What impressed me in Greenverz is the focus on not only tree panting but also biodiversity.

    This is amazing for all. I planted trees for elephant corridor project.

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    I think that the whole purpose of planting trees is to make sure that world keeps spinning. We all need to do our bit to help save it for all – Animal and birds.

    I am doing my bit by planting trees regularly.

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    I planted several trees for the project of elephant corridor and got all the details of where the trees have been planted and the type of trees as well. I think Greenverz team is doing great job at making the world greener and also looking after endangered species.

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