Nestled within the realms of exotic fruits, the Buddha’s Hand, also known as Buddha’s Hand citron, emerges as a captivating botanical wonder. This extraordinary citrus fruit, resembling a cluster of elongated lemon-yellow fingers fused at the base, bears a striking resemblance to the revered hand gestures often associated with Buddhist iconography. Native to northeastern India and China, the Buddha’s Hand fruit exudes a mesmerizing fragrance that transcends its ornamental appearance. As if frozen in perpetual motion, the fruit’s finger-like projections create a mesmerizing visual spectacle, inviting intrigue and contemplation.
Beyond its aesthetic allure, the fruit’s aromatic zest and peel find applications in culinary realms, adding a unique and fragrant twist to both sweet and savory dishes. A symbol of auspiciousness and cultural richness, the Buddha’s Hand fruit beckons exploration into the intersection of nature, symbolism, and culinary innovation. Planting them for the farmers help them to generate more money and increase the livelihood. Lets take action today and plant Buddha’s Hand Trees.

Importance of Buddha’s Hand Trees

Cultural Symbolism:

The Buddha’s Hand tree holds cultural significance in regions influenced by Buddhist traditions, symbolizing purity, enlightenment, and auspiciousness.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal:

The distinctive appearance of the fruit, resembling multiple fingers radiating from a central point, makes the Buddha’s Hand tree a unique and visually striking addition to gardens and landscapes.

Aromatic Qualities:

The fragrant oils present in the peel of Buddha’s Hand fruit contribute to its strong and captivating aroma, making it a sought-after ingredient in perfumes, oils, and culinary applications.

Culinary Uses:

The aromatic zest and peel of the Buddha’s Hand fruit are utilized in culinary creations, adding a unique flavor and fragrance to dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Versatility in Cooking:

The fruit’s zest is prized for its intense lemon fragrance without the acidity of juice, making it a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Medicinal Applications:

Some traditional medicinal practices incorporate extracts from Buddha’s Hand for its potential health benefits, such as antioxidant properties and aromatherapy applications.

Ornamental Value:

The Buddha’s Hand tree is often cultivated for its ornamental appeal, contributing to botanical gardens and landscapes with its unusual and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Culinary Innovation:

Chefs and food enthusiasts appreciate the Buddha’s Hand fruit for its ability to inspire creativity in the kitchen, introducing novel flavors and fragrances to a variety of dishes.

Market Demand:

The uniqueness of the Buddha’s Hand fruit has led to a growing market demand, both in local and international markets, creating economic opportunities for cultivation and trade.

Botanical Interest:

Botanists and horticulturists find the Buddha’s Hand tree intriguing due to its distinct growth pattern and unusual fruit structure, contributing to the diversity of cultivated citrus varieties.

Take action today, plant Buddha Hand trees !

India faces a lot of challenges in land restoration and generating income for farmers and communities. Buddha Hand trees are a sure way to help them earn more while also helping the biodiversity and carbon fixing being done by Buddha Hand trees. Plant Buddha Hand trees today to help the farmers and nature. Taking action this year is much more important than every before as climate keeps on changing for the worse. Let’s join hands and take action today – let’s plant Buddha Hand trees.


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Greenverz Solutions Private Limited is a Land Restoration and tree plantation company which is involved in tree plantations in rural area as well as urban areas and cities. The tree orders that are placed by the customers are planted and details shared of the location where the trees have been planted. The locations can be anywhere in the country depending on the availability of sites and trees. We do not sell any physical product like tree saplings, leaves, branches etc. All orders of the trees are planted and no tree saplings orders can be physically sent to any person or entity. We strive to make India greener and sustainable. 

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    Greenverz Solutions is doing a great work for all though technology and making India Green.

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    I am really happy to have found a website such as Greenverz. My experience is extremely positive and I have planted many trees using the platform.

    I really love the whole concept and variety of trees that have been provided.

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    I could not find Buddha Hand tree anywhere else. I am really happy to used the platform to plant trees of the varieties that I wanted.
    Everything is very smooth.

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