Tree Planting- A Sustainable Urbanization

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come.”
~Marty Rubin

80% of this world’s population dwells in urban areas. It is estimated that by 2050, this number is going to change by 66%. The dramatic shift of population from rural to urban areas is due to various socio-economic matters. This rapid expansion occurs without any apt land use planning strategy and the growing human population puts its adverse effects on land, forests, atmosphere and eco system as a whole. Cities have moreover become concrete jungles with sky-high buildings and apartments. Countless trees are fell and have fallen a prey for the infrastructural and developmental plans to be a huge success. 

It is ironical that if trees would have produced free Wi-Fi then planting trees would not have been the chief driving message behind this article. But they only produce oxygen. Yes, the fundamental element behind our sole existence on this vast universe. Roads lined with lush greenery shading the endless stretch of concrete are always a picture perfect scenario. But have you ever tried to venture into the plethora of positive effects trees have over the world at large?

Urban areas that are now bedecked with large factories emitting fumes of black air, houses enjoying the cool AC breeze by releasing toxic CFCs that gouges the protective ozone layer and vehicles discharging harmful smoke for faster transportation. This implies that everything comes at a price, so does our ease with technology is followed by wreckage of the ecosystem. Every action of ours has its own set of repercussions and aftermath and mitigating that for the sake of our earnest Mother Earth will definitely make this a better place to live in.  Following points will clear your vision as to why we need to befriend trees in our urban localities:

  • Trees can act as your local source of food and nutrition. Planting trees in your locality that benefits all with fruits, flowers, nuts and woods for the winter, can act as an act of kindness. Trees can entrust you with organic and non-toxic food and supplies as well as without paying high costs for the same. 
  • Trees can play an important role as carbon sinks. They retain carbon in the natural carbon cycle and help mitigate climate change. Trees can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide and forests are believed to absorb 48% of manmade carbon emissions even before it reaches the atmosphere.
  • Cities somewhat lack proper drainage system no matter how modish and advanced they are made to appear from its outer view. Floods and cyclones are more prone to take place for there has been severe climate changes. Metro cities are not saved from these natural disasters. A mature tree can absorb up to 450 litres of water every day. Thus it is a high time we need to plant trees in our urban locality that whose large proportions of ground surface is made with impermeable materials like concrete and tarmac. 
  • Not just in the enhancement of environment, trees also help in the mental well-being of people around it. Nowadays, life has become extremely monotonous, hectic and melancholic. Trees usher in a positive space for us to mentally cope with all the odds. Remember about the last time you felt frustrated and preferred to take a walk through a road queued up with large shady trees or just went and sat under one. 

There can be many ways to plan as to how to plant trees in your urban locality. Following are some of them:

  • Trees must be planted with proper planning such that their maintenance can be done justly. First, it has to be decided where the trees are to be planted. Secondly, they must not be planted very close to houses and buildings, keeping in mind their proper development and height achievement.
  • Soil quality check is a must. The soil must hold and retain water for longer duration. If the soil lacks minerals, it can be added through fertilizers that will be a vital role of maintenance.
  • Choosing which type of tree is to be planted, also plays a crucial role in urban plantations. Trees that can grow aptly even with low maintenance must be chosen. They must have better chances of surviving. 

As responsible citizens and locals, we must keenly take part in tree plantations. Nonetheless, trees provide us with cleaner air and greener surroundings. This can even encourage urban landscaping. This tiny act of encouragement and genuine influence can help correct pollution, climate change and global warming within decades and centuries. Our small contributions can turn out as a major revolution that will be beyond our imaginations.

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