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A family embodies boundless love and unity. The interactions among its members, including fathers, mothers, children, and even pets, form the essence of its uniqueness. Vacations, lively dinner debates, children’s homework, buying new cars—these activities all reflect the love we share within a family. Let’s take the next steps to express our familial love by planting 50 trees for your family together. These trees will encompass a variety of major species that rapidly sequester carbon, such as bamboo, babool, and Peepal, alongside trees like Amla, mango, and jackfruit that offer benefits to farmers.

This, family trees plantation endeavor will have a far-reaching impact, benefiting the environment at large by enhancing carbon absorption and supporting farmers in augmenting their income through the sale of tree products like fruits and flowers.

This comprehensive approach of planting family trees not only showcases our love for our family but also contributes to the safeguarding of our world for generations to come.

Impact in Numbers 

Carbon Fixed  250 Kgs per tree.

CO2 reduction from the atmosphere by 905 Kg per tree.

Farmer income increase from the products of the trees.

Ecological Impact

Trees are meticulously chosen for planting, tailored to the specific requirements of animals and birds in the region. Selection hinges on factors such as soil type and climate temperature, ensuring suitability for the plantation. Each tree contributes uniquely to maintaining biodiversity, thus safeguarding the lives of animals and birds.

These trees serve as an effective measure against soil erosion. The project aims to augment the count of trees in areas facing scarcity. This endeavor directly contributes to enlarging the nation’s overall green canopy.

Positive Impact on Farmers

Farmers receive high-quality saplings for planting on their lands bordering the forests, encompassing fruit trees, timber trees, and medicinal plants. This initiative leads to a 10% augmentation in farmers’ income over a decade.

Altogether, this endeavor focuses on improving economic circumstances for farmers who play a pivotal role in facilitating better access to education for their children and ensuring enhanced nutrition for their families.

About the Project

This ongoing project aims to enhance greenery across India, with a goal of achieving a Carbon Fixing rate of 0.25 MT per person. Within the project framework, we proactively identify specific sites and establish direct contact with farmer groups, aiming to engage them in tree planting near forest areas.

Employing a meticulous approach, we carefully select high-quality seedlings of fruit trees, timber trees, medicinal plants, and forest trees. The systematic planting of these saplings on farmers’ lands comes afterward. Farmers receive comprehensive guidance on cultivation techniques, best practices, and the anticipated benefits over various timeframes: 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years.

To ensure the seamless execution of the project, our experts conduct regular visits to monitor progress and provide timely guidance. We meticulously record and store data on both farmers’ conditions and forest cover. Furthermore, utilizing digital platforms to update the data with each visit. This dynamic approach allows us to measure improvements accurately and adapt strategies accordingly.

Moreover, our unwavering commitment extends to the ongoing identification of new sites and the active engagement of additional farmer groups. Through this expansion, we aim to extend the numerous benefits of this project to an even wider spectrum of communities.


We apply geotagging to the trees, utilizing GPS to mark the area boundary. We gather comprehensive information about farmers along with images, directly capturing and storing all data from the field through mobile apps. The annual carbon fixation is calculated using equations developed by experts for different species within the app and the accompanying reports. Throughout this process, we maintain complete transparency in obtaining, storing, and analyzing the data.

Impact Assessment

We measure the impact generated by the project on both wildlife and farmers. Regular intervals see the collection of all necessary data, which is then analyzed by comparing it with previous data from the same parameters calculated a few months ago. The extent of change is assessed against the intended outcomes.


The project reports are prepared and sent to the contributors. The report covers the following

1) Trees status as on the last visit made

2) Any mortality in the trees planted

3) Carbon fixed in MT from the start of the project

4) Quantity of fruits that are being produced by the planted trees

5) Economic impact on the farmers.

6) Ecological impact created.


To plant various types of trees, click HERE


Greenverz Solutions Private Limited is a Land Restoration and tree plantation company which is involved in tree plantations in rural area as well as urban areas and cities. The tree orders that are placed by the customers are planted and details shared of the location where the trees have been planted. The locations can be anywhere in the country depending on the availability of sites and trees. We do not sell any physical product like tree saplings, leaves, branches etc. All orders of the trees are planted and no tree saplings orders can be physically sent to any person or entity. We strive to make India greener and sustainable. 

To see the terms and conditions, click –  Terms and Conditions. 

17 reviews for 50 Trees for your Family

  1. Neha Jain

    Planted 50 trees using the Greenverz website. Found it very Smooth to place orders and get details.
    + the prices are very low to select many trees.

  2. Aman

    Greenverz is very economical to plant trees online.

  3. Eshan Shetty

    I have used the services of Greenverz for planting trees online. So far it has been smooth.
    I planted 50 trees for my family and doing my bit to save the world.
    Overall concept is great.

  4. Rakhi Kaur

    I planted over 100 trees from Greenverz for my family.

    The way in which it has been built is very smooth to navigate and place orders. I was happy to see me making an impact by planting trees through Grenverz platform.

  5. Laaysa Tomar

    I planted 50 trees for my family using Greenevrz solutions website and platform.

    I got all the details immediately.

    This is a really helpful website.

  6. Palash Jyoti

    To offset carbon I planted 50 trees using the website. I am happy to use the website and get certificate of plantation.

  7. Konda Ram

    I planted 50 trees for my family using the website. Let me tell all that its was very quick and fast to plant the trees.

    No issues were faced.

  8. Jhanvi Chatterjee

    I looked at the website and saw the sections that are present in the website.

    They have provided much more information that expected. No other similar website has so much of information.

    I am happy to state that I planted many trees using Greenverz website.

    I never found any issues.

  9. Prakash Shah

    I found the site of Greenverz very useful and interesting. They are trying to make sure that all people can plant trees online.
    I planted 50 trees for my family.
    I got all details and did not find any issues.

  10. Ankur Vinod

    I have been using the Greenverz platform to plant trees for many months now.

    I find that there is a lot of effort that has been put to make it and also a lot of free information and choices of tree plantation have been given for all.

    I planted 50 trees for family and got every detail needed. I happy to share it with other friends.

  11. Bitty

    I planted 50 trees for my family and happy to see that they were allocated in the states that I has asked for.

    The team called me and asked my preference for the tree planting. I was amazed at the customer support and service.

    All tree details were shared and my whole family was happy to help in making the planet green.

  12. Saif

    I have planted 50 trees for my family today. I got all the details of the tree plantation and was very happy to see the location and farmer who shall be benefitted by the same.

    The website is neat and simple to use.

  13. Ullas

    My feedback is positive for Greenverz as they are using technology for tree panting and helping people celebrate occasions as well.

    I planted trees for my family and I feel good that I am doing my bit to help farmers and environment both.

  14. Saket

    I compared the Grenverz website with others and found it very insightful for myself. So, I planted 50 trees for my family.

  15. Amit

    Greenverz Solutions is fantastic! Planted trees online for various occasions. Easy process with prompt updates and personalized certificates. Impressed by their tech-driven precision in planting and carbon tracking. Regular reports on tree growth kept me engaged. Highly recommend for

  16. Amitabh

    Knowing that Greenverz Solutions tracks carbon fixing in the trees they plant gave me peace of mind, knowing that my gift was making a positive impact on the environment.

    The regular updates and reports shared by Greenverz Solutions allowed me to follow the growth of the Amaltas tree and witness the positive change it was bringing to the surroundings. It was truly rewarding to see the impact of my contribution.

    In conclusion, Greenverz Solutions provides a unique and meaningful way to celebrate occasions by planting trees online. I highly recommend their service for anyone looking to make a positive difference while celebrating special moments with the gift of trees.

  17. Ranjan

    The whole concept of planting trees online via platform is amazing and Greenverz is mastering this art. The tech they are using is great and details like GIS, GPS, species – all are monitored through the satellites.

    I am fully happy using the platform.

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